BINS found out ten things at Birmingham’s Conservative Party conference. Podnosh was also charmed

“It a huge occasion and I’m delighted I went. […] It is the first conference in Birmingham I’ve found with such a huge fringe. Events leach into the rest of the city centre. One massive conversation, much of it in very high heels.”

One of the most perceptive and thoughtful Tory commentators, Matthew Parris, appreciates Birmingham and the conference, and has a delicious dig at Manchester…

“The light and space and the indefinable modesty of Birmingham contrast with the snivelling swagger of Manchester (where we went for Labour’s conference last week) with all its oh-so-casual people in stovepipe jeans and black T-shirts, thinking their silly trams and Manchester accents are seriously cool.

Far be it from me to question the architectural heritage of that sunless place, but after a week entombed by dark red brick, gloomy streets that seem to close over your head, wet walls and glazed tiles, you can be forgiven for thinking you’re trapped in some kind of giant, celestial public lavatory.”

Also, Brum blogger Jon Bounds considers why MPs don’t (or are not allowed to) blog.