The flood of Spore-related news and other items is tailing off now, so this will probably be my last Spore round-up.

The site Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interview with Alex Hutchinson, Spore‘s key design talent.

If you didn’t read my earlier post, there’s an official Spore 1.01 patch out now. And the first unofficial mods have started appearing. Yes, it seems that you can mod Spore.

The feedback about who’s using your stuff in their game is now appearing in the in-game Sporepedia — so if one of your Tribbles has been domesticated by someone and shoved into a corall in Tribal stage, you get to hear about it.

Spore‘s anti-piracy measures are still holding up rather well, since the pirated version still can’t go online or install the fairly-vital 1.01 official patch. Although that hasn’t stopped the game dropping to No.10 in the latest all-platforms UK sales charts, and to No.2 on Amazon’s PC games chart (toppled by the WoW: Wrath of the Lich King expansion, which is completely understandable). Total worldwide sales of Spore, as measured by the total number of legitimate users registed on the Sporepedia, stands at just under 1,750,000 — which seems rather healthy for a mere 17 days of sales of a PC/Mac game. I suspect that the anti-piracy ho-ha hasn’t damaged sales, and nor has the piracy of the crippled game on the torrents. In fact, these may have had the unintentional effect of spurring sales. I reckon Spore is now set for a slow and steady build-up for the Christmas market. Which has to be good news for the survival of the PC as a gaming platform.