Blog Yahoo:
Yesterday I linked to DayPop, a ‘Google of weblogs’, which actively spiders & indexes the full text of 1000s of blogs. Today I found another. But this one’s more like a ‘Yahoo of blogs’; EatonWeb Portal indexes a short text description of over 4000 blogs, and also allows you to filter blogs by their self-declared type (‘art’ = 54 arts blogs etc.) Are blogs the 21st century equivalant of the 17th/18th century London coffee-house, the new hotbeds of informed debate and brain-mingling? And just as the London coffeehouses eventually gave rise to banking & insurance syndicates, perhaps their modern equivalent will eventually mutate into an array of powerful ‘think-tank’ like knowledge banks? Who knows; let’s just hope the end result looks nothing like the abysmal Lotus Notes 😉 …but that’s enough insular blog-on-blog stuff. I’ll talk about something more arty next week, promise.