The Economist argues eloquently argues for the survival of the British canal network, in the face of crisis at British Waterways, the recession, and pressures from both yobs and (in some areas) yobs-in-suits…

“in the regenerated Docklands and “Olympic boroughs” of east London, among the snazzy new developments and developments-to-come, the canal as public space is under challenge, hemmed in at all sides, the towpath a trenchline. It’s a battle worth fighting: whatever the neighbourhood, whether leafy-residential, or industrial-grim, a stroll alongside a London canal is a rare chance for uninterrupted contemplation in this town: going nowhere, slowly.”


Although I do have a vested interest, since I live next to this, the Trent & Mersey canal. Part of a network of nearly 100 miles of cycle paths in North Staffs

[ Hat-tip: Granny Buttons ]

And over on the Post blogs, Paul Dale today asks “is Birmingham’s green belt doomed?”.