The new Blackbird, Fly toy camera . Chinese made, designed in Japan. It takes film, makes pictures in a square format, and looks like an old Rollieflex. Presumably, like the Rollieflex, it has the viewfinder in the top and so you hang it at waist height, hold it with both hands and bow your head to look down into the viewfinder. I can see why that would appeal to the Japanese, as in body-language terms it’s polite and non-aggressive. The camera is set to launch in summer 2008, at around the £50 mark.


Talking of photography, there’s an outcome from the Flickr discussion I linked to back in August, to do with the idea of establishing a fixed photography gallery in Birmingham. There’s to be an initial exploratory meeting on 17th September, 6.30pm at Rooty’s in the Custard Factory.