Custom Toy Lab chooses Birmingham’s ‘James yeah?’ for their first interview…

“I’d like to custom something like a … full-size replica robot outfit complete with weapons.”


Fight! by ‘James yeah?’.

I’m wondering if there’s going to be a cross-over between custom toys and gaming, with people paying to get 3D-printed / hand-finished toy versions of their own Spore creatures? It seems likely that someone will crack the procedural code that Spore embeds in .png files for sharing creatures, and find a way to expand and export it into a 3D-printer friendly Lightwave .obj or somesuch. Of course, it’s possible the game will have this feature available as an expansion pack eventually — the idea of a built-in ‘Spore figurines’ service was mooted in 2006, but it seems that little has been heard about it since. Apparently the figures are too intricate — and thus too delicate — to ship in the millions. The rate of “returned because broken” items would make it unprofitable. Which leaves the door open to grassroots makers.