Birmingham’s deep-house producer’s record label, Procreation, has an empty gallery-page; which looks like it needs filling by some raw Midlands talent. Possibly yours. Gosh; I just had a horrible thought. It must be so depressing and frustrating being one of the many fine artists who are technophobic and who “don’t do” the internet; making good work no-one will ever see because the galleries / magazines / festivals are so cautious / crony-ist / pressed-for-space.

Zits on the zeitgeist:
An excellent blog about weblogs and other forms of grassroots microcontent on the web. Now I can forget linking to all those “blogs are the latest trend” news items which are currently mutating wildly across the trans-atlantic infosphere. The meme even infected BBC Radio 4’s Today on Monday. Either Blogger has hired a ninja PR company, or else blogs really are the latest zits on the zeitgeist.

Search 3000 blogs by keyword:
Yum; a search-engine that acts like Google, but only indexes weblogs.