Bishops Wood in Worcestershire has an interesting-sounding two-day course on 9th/10th October 08. “Wooden Structures in the Landscape” is hosted by earth-artist Mick Petts, who seems to be based somewhere in the Welsh Marches, and …

“This hands-on course looks at a range of techniques and approaches to woodland sculptures including: arbour sculpture, creative habitat piles and loggerys, dead hedges and other forms of barriers, gateway and access features, planting for community spaces, various forms of simple signage techniques and safe forms of fire sculptures for community events.”

Among other works, in 2007 Mick Petts created a 650-foot long earth horse, the largest figurative earth sculpture in the British Isles. Below is a smaller example of his work in wood…


“Banded Snail Lookout” by Mick Petts. Photo by D.G. Jones.

Should you want to do more things with wood — like make a longbow, a coracle, or even a tree-toilet — The Green Wood Trust (near Telford in Shropshire) have their Autumn 2008 short-courses brochure online (PDF link, 2.7Mb).

Talking of earth art and things tree-ish, the 2nd Meadow Gallery: ‘Give Me Shelter’ (PDF link to brochure & handlist) opens on 27th Sept 08 at Attingham Park in Shropshire…

“Consisting of new commissions and recent works by nine leading contemporary artists … The invited artists were presented with over 40 acres of some of the most beautiful landscape in the country to respond to.”


“Souvenir of England” by Jane Prophet. Part of the previous Meadow Arts show.