Good question. The Royal Institute of British Architects is organising an interesting-sounding debate in Birmingham, one that might feed into some people’s thinking about the Big City Plan. “The Built Environment: Can the State Design Happiness?” is on
29th Sept 08. ‘It hasn’t had much success so far’ might be my first answer, pointing to a couple of tower-blocks. But then I won’t be going — since the event has high-level speakers including the Shadow Minister for the Arts, the RIBA president and others, and it’ll be members-only and passes-only like all the other events below. It would be nice to have a speedy public podcast of the debate, though.

Other Birmingham events of relevance to the creative economy, that it would also be nice to have public podcasts for, are:— The Social Market Foundation’s “Mind the Skills Gap: Is the UK losing competitive advantage through a lack of skilled workers?” on 28th Sept 08; the Big Lottery Fund’s “The F Word… Funding” on 28th Sept 08; Urban Hub’s “Skilling up cities: Is the UK up to the job?” on 30th Sept 08; Ed Vaizey’s talk “Delivering our film archive to the YouTube generation” (although we’ll probably get a transcript of that); “Bryon [review] on Video Games: Bang off target?” on 1st Oct 08; and finally Arts Council England’s “The Art of Philanthropy” on 30th Sept at the Ikon Gallery. Doubtless there’ll also be policy-wonks blogging painfully-detailed reports on these events, which should be findable online.