The D’log West Midlands 2008 creative events list has been reversed, which makes it easier to use. There have probably been a few additions since you last looked at it.

If you ever have a similar long list to ‘flip’ reverse, and MS Word’s crude ‘Sort’ function can’t see any obvious alphabetical or date ordering, then the simplest and quickest way to do it is this…

1) Download and install the free open-source Notepad++, which is a turbo-charged version of the Windows Notepad for coders.

2) Paste in your text / Edit/Select All.

3) Choose the menu item: TextFX Tools/Insert Line Numbers.

4) Choose the menu item: TextFX Tools/Sort lines. This function flips all your lines. As long as each of your paragraphs runs out along a single line, and there’s a single space between each paragraph, then all should go smoothly.

5) Choose the menu item: TextFX Tools/Delete Line Numbers. Now copy your flipped/reordered list to your clipboard.