With two days to go before release, the British game The Lost Crown has risen to No.10 on the Amazon PC Games bestseller chart, on pre-orders and word-of-mouth alone. Congratulations to developer Jonathan Boakes, who’s shown us that a one-man home-brewed point-&-click adventure game can still mean business. Better, the game was made with free software, and so the game’s profits seem likely to be substantial.

The game’s U.K. cover art is now on Amazon, and the pre-order price has been reduced a little. And Matthew Bennett (who I know is local; he teaches videogames in Worcester) has written an Amazon review of the well-reviewed U.S. version of the game — although his review does have some plot spoilers.

Update: The day after I posted this, and with not a jot more publicity than my posting, it’s gone up to No.5.

Update: By noon on Saturday, the day after release, and sales are holding up well. It’s at No.6, and yet a search of Google News and Google Blogs for news/reviews of the game doesn’t even show up a basic press release. It’s entered the Amazon Top 100 of all videogame sales across all platforms, at No.94.