Some bookmarks, found this week…

The Museum Vaults graphic novel, part one // English lanes with steep banks, un-noticed havens of the wild // the new-found respectability of literary horror and science fiction // Steampunk crafts rising // To the lighthouse! // Britain’s bicycling tribes //

The freedom to photograph // A nation of swaggering traffic wardens and sly informers // Sinister BBC TV licence spy vans: the gallery // Nick Cohen: No-one wins in modern-day academia // Boris has auditors investigate London’s past spending — criminal charges pending, community-arts projects prominent //

Brumcast No. 100: 50 tracks from Birmingham & West Midlands bands, selected from the previous 99 podcast shows (185Mb) // Lead Artists wanted for Birmingham’s Gallery 37, more info from david _at_ // The Big Debate: “How can big media keep its hold on power?” (as the event should have been titled) via the Birmingham Post‘s live video archive // On the Edge — BIAD’s B.A. Visual Communication 2008 website + the PDF catalogue (46Mb) // Birmingham City Council is listening //

Issuu // PicLens // TrueCrypt // Getty MoodStream // Visual TwitterSearch // Ubik // Big Buck Bunny invites you to play with his enormous assets // Arse Elektronika 08: Critical Perspectives on Sexuality and Pornography in Science and Social Fiction //

My DVD of Mass Effect for the PC arrived on Monday. Runs as smooth as silk even at 1920 x 1200 widescreen + all eye-candy on // NASA’s Stanford Torus space-station an obvious inspiration for The Citadel location in Mass Effect, among others // new nVidia graphics-card drivers released May 08, the first since Jan 08 // Mass Effect PC performance tweaks //

Urban mapping fab-ability: London Mayoral Election map, by ward // Real-time data flows in cities (MIT researcher’s video lecture, part of a series) // Augmented Reality conference (not on augmented web servers, apparently, since the site seems dead) // The City is Here for You to Use (forthcoming POD book) // “Urban Computing and its Discontents” (PDF pamphlet) // “Some Elements of Romantic Places” (PDF pamphlet) from the UK’s Rethinking Cities // How can we map smells, heat, taste, touch, noise, velocity in useful representations of urban spaces? Can such elements be planned and even ‘choreographed’ by planners within an urban space? // Citysense // On the joy of paper maps // “A brief history of the future of urban computing and locative media” (2008, thesis intro, PDF) //

New-build £30-million media production centre for Stoke-on-Trent // MPs fear for future of BBC in Birmingham // Mobile phone tracking service launched in the UK // Hay-on-Wye lit crit.

BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: on Lysenko, Stalin’s charlatan biologist // File on Four: ‘Culture capital, basket case’ // Analysis: on government involvement in the arts (waffle-factor: high).

Interesting conferences:— Ambience 2008: making ‘atmosphere’ and spirit-of-place in urban spaces // Sustainable Cities and Creativity // Tate Liverpool postgrad symposium: ‘Mapping Exclusion: Social Control and The Politics of Zoned City Space’ // Underground Spaces 2008 in the New Forest // Music, Metal and Politics: a conference on heavy-metal music.