Simon of Birmingham Eastside has been pumping the architects of the new Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (BIAD) for information…

  • The “central feature” will be the Library. By which I assume they mean the central lowest building, the one that’s connected to the circular building with the tree inside it…


    Above: Curzon St. station is the red block. More pics.

  • “they are looking at only including limited parking spaces (200-250)”. Which is probably a bit more than at present at Gosta Green + Conservatoire.

  • Apparently no thinking yet on new/better pedestrian paths from New St. and Moor St. stations?

  • No mention of any off-road path via the canal to the Custard Factory, but “several hundred bicycle bays” for the new BIAD. Which won’t be much use if it’s life-threatening to venture more than 20 yards off-campus on a bike — central Birmingham being notoriously bicycle-unfriendly.

  • Phase one is BIAD in 2012, Phase 2 will be the Conservatoire.

  • No mention of the proposed new 14-18 grammar school (‘Eastside Arts Academy’) + three new concert halls (now only one, within BIAD itself?) alongside Curzon Street station. Instead(?)…

    “residential apartments, two hotel buildings will be built next to Curzon Street station”

    The latter being, of course, completely the wrong choice as we head into what will probably be a five-year recession.