Created in Birmingham has had a makeover for the summer, and very nice it looks too.


Stef and Chris have chosen a plain white background, the Futurosity-vero WordPress template, and Baskerville as the font. Baskerville, apart from being a very clean and flexible font, was of course made in Birmingham by… John Baskerville.

If you’d like / need a copy of the font for your PC, Baskerville Handcut can be had here (.zip). Baskerville Old Face is probably already on your system if you’ve installed Microsoft Office, but if not, it’s here (.ttf). Drop them in C:/Windows/System/Fonts (XP) or C:/Windows/Fonts (Vista) and you’ll see CiB as intended.

You’ll find Baskerville also works well in books — I set my entire 35,000-word family history book in it. Which seemed appropriate, since we’re from the Black Country / Birmingham.