In the age of dirt-cheap sensors, there’s huge potential for automatic ‘place-blogging’… stick a few of these robust/waterproof National Geographic camera s ($99, about £52) around the place and they’ll apparently run “24-hours a day for 21 days”, taking pictures of anything warm or moving in front of the lens.


Stick something like a wi-fi camera .com/reviews/eye-fi/”>Eye-Fi SD card in such a camera , and we’re on the way to uploading the photos to a blog as soon as they’re taken…


“2GB of storage and a full 802.11b/g wireless radio on a single SD card”

Then all we’ll need is for automatic face-recognition to get a little better, and the blog itself will be able to auto-title a picture: “I haz a sqwirrel!”

Maybe that’s what LOLcat is for, in the long-view — to give us a form of language that will differentiate human from non-human on the web?