Gavin Wade commented on D’log today…

“Unfortunatley due to circumstances beyond our control the May Launch of Eastside Projects has been delayed. Please check our website for further information for opening dates.
Eastside Projects”

However, Terry Grimley reported yesterday that the opening date may now be…

“tentatively set for June 20.”

Also news from BINS that the Birmingham Gay Pride parade has been cancelled, and the event is back behind closed doors…

“The Birmingham Pride parade for 2008 has been cancelled due to “lack of grants” according to the Beeb – but the event as a whole [ i.e.: the festival ] is still going ahead.”


Dancing Dorothies at Pride 07, pic by Pete.

A report from the Mail doesn’t mention the “lack of grants”, but reports the organisers as saying that…

“Some groups were objecting to the road closures.” [ because they didn’t want the presence of the parade in the city centre during the afternoon. ]

Now I wouldn’t have thought that large or small retailers would object to having such large and friendly crowds of pedestrians drawn into the centre, wallets stuffed full of ‘pink pounds’. And van/lorry deliveries to shops are rarely timed for a Saturday afternoon. Birmingham taxi drivers are usually very happy to go the longest way round, so it’s unlikely to be them. So who are the mysteriously un-named “groups” who have such pull that they can force the outright cancellation of the largest gay and lesbian event in the UK, rather than a simple route-diversion? It would be nice to be reassured that they’re not one of the “groups” who happen to despise lesbians and gay men.