Dan Dare was a British comics hero from long before my childhood, so has almost no emotional resonance for me. But the Science Museum has a new free exhibition about him opening on 30th April: Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain (runs until Oct 08, so no need to rush).

It links the world of Dan Dare to the wider 1950s and 60s post-war technology and design boom (the famous “white heat of technology” that was snuffed out by mismanagement and socialist policies). And, I’d imagine, it may provide historians with an interesting perspective on those decades when the wartime ‘boffin‘ was folding over into what would become ‘the nerd’ stereotype.

Dan Dare, Space Fleet HQ spaceport by Frank Hampson

Sadly, there are apparently few samples of Dan Dare artwork on the web, due to rabid solicitors’ letters from someone who once… “spent £500,000 on securing the rights to Dan Dare and Eagle“. Time for Dan to get one of those uncensored Pirate Bay blogs, perhaps?