Late summer 1979 in Handsworth, Birmingham, the summer after Britain reached rock-bottom in the ‘Winter of Discontent’. Mrs Thatcher had just won a massive landslide election, her first. In the afternoon light on Grove Lane, three photographers placed a camera (+ tripod, roll of backdrop and long cable-release) and let people make their own self-portraits…

Barbara and Friend, 1979

“Barbara and Friend” (1979). Organisers: Derek Bishton (now Consultant Editor for the Daily Telegraph), Brian Homer (now Homer Creative), and John Reardon (became Picture Editor of The Observer).

The new BMagic website (the ‘under construction’ online catalogue for BM&AG) has all 44 pictures in the series.

Update, April 08: thanks to Dave Harte for pointing out in the comments that all 44 images are available, rather than just a selection, via the right URL.

Update, May 08: A new series of such photos, with Self Portrait Birmingham.