One of MIT’s researchers has developed new forms of lights for use by artists

“In order to do this project, I had to design a new class of LED Light Fixture. All currently commercially available LED light fixtures are not nearly good enough for doing high-quality art […] for the sort of work that most artists would want to do, real colors need to be emitted, and the fixtures should be designed better for integration into artwork. To address these failings of the current market, I developed the Ultraluminous Illuminator. […] The total cost of components ends up being around $450 [£220] per fixture to build (in small quantities, at least). This sounds like a lot, but it is literally impossible to find a fixture that has as much color versatility anywhere, and is still a third the cost of the commercially available units.”

And being from MIT, he’s released his findings to the world in full, with full schematics and PCB designs.