It seems a timely moment for a documentary on the last great engineering and creative effort to reinvent the pinball machine — as real-world amusement arcades falter and close across North America and Canada, at the British seaside, and even in Japan.


Sadly the effort failed, but the story is told in a very well-reviewed documentary TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball (2006). The film is out on a region-free DVD on 8th April 08, with a triple-ball jackpot of extras on a second disk.


Here’s the trailer…

And in April 08 the world gets Dream Pinball 3D, a (so we’re told) reinvention of the pinball table for the Nintendo Wii and its capabilities. Gamezone has a short interview with the developers. Although sadly it doesn’t seem they’re adding much. Personally I’m a great fans of PC pinball simulations (here’s a superb free one which plays on Vista), and have a near-complete collection of the best of them — but it’ll be interesting to see what the Wii might add to pinball or pinball-like games in future.