Interesting; passenger trains could once again run through Sutton Park, on what is probably the nation’s greenest urban rail line but currently only carrying freight. The Park, for those who don’t know it, is one of the largest urban parks in Europe and has existed for over a thousand years (since the time of Mercia).

There would be huge potential for a seasonal program of Andy Goldsworthy -type land art along the trackside, if it happens.

The idea’s part of a feasibility report which will test the idea of new rail stations to help regenerate east Birmingham. I’m not sure what that says about changed minds on the idea of a new Black Country metro to the west of the city, if anything, but the proposals look interesting. Everything follows from this kind of basic transport infrastructure development in a city (see Eisner’s graphic novel of genius Dropsie Avenue, for those not inclined to read planning textbooks).

Related on D’log, Sutton Park is to get a major new cycle path connecting it with east Birmingham.