I don’t usually follow what the latest models of mobile phones are doing — that’s a full-time job best left to rich students and marketing types. But this seems worth noting. The beta of Nokia’s Maps 2.0 has introduced a new pedestrian satnav feature, for Nokia’s location-aware phones. It’s designed to aid urban navigation while walking, rather than in a car. CNET took it for a stroll in the old streets of Barcelona

“It is a beautiful part of the city that can really be seen only on foot. […] Just as I was about to write off the 6210 Navigator for good in my thoughts, we decided to trust the phone and follow the red arrow anyway. We soon realized the phone was smarter than we were, and that we were headed to a different destination than we had originally thought.”

Although it won’t be for everybody, and not only due to the price and contract; a new UK study by AppTrigger (PDF link), UK Mobile Services Survey Results, January 2008, claims to have found that 57% of mobile users don’t use their phone for anything more than they did in 2003.