Walsall’s figurative realist painter Andrew Tift has just finished a fine portrait painting of a member of The Kavern Motor Cycle Club of Walsall, and has placed a large copy of it on his weblog

“I’m always interested in people who live their own alternative lifestyle, on the fringes of society, outside of the mainstream. They are almost always interesting both visually and in conversation and Bandana was no exception. He is the member of The Kavern motorcycle club which is based in a pub in Walsall, just down the road from me. They are not actually Hells Angels but are affiliated to them. I’ve walked and driven past many times and they are usually outside drinking, talking and smoking and I’ve often thought that they would make great sitters so the one night I went over and got chatting to some of the club members and some of them agreed to sit for me.”

A graduate of BIAD and winner of the BP Portrait Award, his work is currently part of The National Portrait Gallery show Artists Process (until 1st June 08).

It seems he had a major show at the New Art Gallery Walsall last summer — yet another event that I missed due to my house move. The Terry Grimley review is here and gallery shots are here.