An interesting call for submissions, from the previously unknown B-VAC (Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition)…

“Birmingham suffers from a lack of small-scale gallery venues that are open, approachable and accessible to artists working in contemporary ways (installation, video, sonic, digital etc), especially young and inexperienced artists. Although many venues offer a varied, interesting programme of contemporary visual arts none of them seem to actively search for submissions and proposals from local artists. Although there are spaces that claim to be available to hire, the price of the space make it completely unviable for a single artist to rent.

B-VAC (Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition) draws its ethos from the “˜schools’ of art of old, pulling like-minded individual artists together to produce unique shows of contemporary art. However, unlike the “˜schools’ of art of old B-VAC is never limited by style, medium, content or genre. […] Initially working towards common deadlines for exhibitions B-VAC would hope to establish itself as an organisation that produced original and varied work through its member artists, but ultimately aiming to create their own sustainable artists’ hub and community within the region.

B-VAC (*) now welcomes submissions or work in any format, genre and style to to begin the selection process – deadline 20th March 2008.”

Good luck to them; it sounds like an excellent opportunity for emerging artists and creatives. There’s also a SurveyMonkey page for B-VAC here.

* I’m told that Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition is nothing to do with the Birmingham Visual Arts Steering Group, which had £40,140 from the Arts Council in Jan 2007 and then became the BCAF (Birmingham Contemporary Art Forum) to help organise last year’s The Event at Curzon St. with a.a.s., Capital Art Projects, Colony gallery, [insertspace], BIAD’s International Project Space, Periscope, Modulate, 7inch Cinema, Spectacle gallery, and the Springhill Institute.