I know it’s very early days for the New Street station Gateway Plus & shopping centre revamp, but now that the city has the money ‘in the bank’ and the enabling details are presumably starting to be worked out… I’m wondering if there’s to be a “percent for art” from the +/- £550-million? Or, more likely, a 0.3 or 0.1 or 0.05 percent for art.

And, if so, if some of the cash might not go toward a more streamlined walkable link between the new New St. and the new BIAD buildings at Curzon St. (which I hear are about to be nodded through planning any day now, to open to students and staff in Sept 2010). And as the new BIAD will have three new concert halls — one for classical, one for rock, and one for general events — such a revitalised walking route wouldn’t only benefit art students. At the moment, for a first-time visitor to Birmingham to walk from the New St. pedestrian ramp (or the main taxi rank) to Curzon St. must feel a bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube (‘up, down, over, around, over again…’).

‘Avenue of art’, anyone? And it doesn’t have to be just sculptures and uncomfortable anti-dosser designer-benches. What if the city used the latest technology to rationalise the light and audio pollution along the route, and then used (non graffiti-able, non-smashable) light washes, subtle digital projections and discreet audio, for instance, to mark such a route at night?