It seems there’s finally to be an arts gallery at the ill-fated £51 million c/PLEX The Public building in West Bromwich, to open 28th June 08. The website for The Public Gallery, to be sited in the building, has just launched…

“Public Gallery will be located in the landmark Public Building, due to open in the summer of 2008. At the heart of West Bromwich, 15 minutes from central Birmingham, the gallery will showcase an impressive selection of art from local, national and international artists… “


They’re recruiting staff now.

The BD website has a long and informed Feb 08 article on the challenges of taking over the building

“The main attraction is the gallery. The majority of it will be a permanent exhibition with a series of international artists commissioned to produce completely bespoke works. There are then two temporary exhibition spaces which are within The Sock [ area of the building ].”

scale model of cPlex

The idea behind a lot of the permanent artworks is that people will take an identity around with them using radio frequency identification tags which they will hang around their necks, so the exhibits will recognise people and they will react to people and what they do at each exhibit.

At the end of the gallery experience, there will be an area called “Make” where people can create things to take away based on their visit. That might be a DVD, CD-ROM, a t-shirt or mug.”