So you’re a young graduate who’s just heard that Microsoft bought Midlands videogames developer Rare for £238 million, and you think they’d like a job there. So how exactly do Rare recruit graduates? Do you just show your face at IGDA Midlands and get into some social-niceworking, or wot? Senior Rare developer Nick Burton talks in-depth to Gamasutra on this very topic…

” … graduates are not cheap labor and should never be treated as such or we risk hemorrhaging talent while it is still embryonic. Consider this, you employ Mr. X. He’s the greatest graphics programmer you’ve ever seen, but he’s a bit green and so you get to pay him peanuts and work him to the bone. Eventually he will wise up and leave, and when he does he’ll probably move out of the industry that burned him. The industry has then lost him forever — not just your studio.”

Rare can also offer a wide range of free talks to art & design depts in Midlands universities. Elsewhere on the web, there’s also a 30 minute iCast video that has a discussion between Rare, academics, and the Women in Games conference organiser.

the Rare foyer - get your foot in that door