Jamie McKelvie (“one of the major new talents of the decade” — Warren Ellis) has a new solo graphic novel Suburban Glamour. It’s based on his own Malvern, Worcestershire, childhood…

“a story about two punk kids living in a dead end town, growing up and trying to discover what kind of people they are and what they want to be. A lot of it is based on my experience as a teenager.”

In this normal West Midlands small-town of ‘Lanbern’, the tedium takes very strange turns at times, and gets a bit Penda’s Fen-ish. Like ghosts of imaginary friends, the faery-world intruding into the High Street, and bizarre dreams and… well, we’ll have to read it.

Phonogram image

Suburban Glamour no.3 (of 4) should be out by now and the collected trade paperback / graphic novel is in the works for a little later in 2008.

“…easily the most beautiful-looking comic this side of Frank Quitely” — Comics Daily.

“As someone who directly identifies with growing up, bored out of your mind, in a quiet little Midlands town where society effectively stops catering for you between the ages of 14 to 35, I find a vast portion of the opening issue almost too familiar.” — Noise to Signal.

panel from Suburban Glamour