There’s a neat new WordPress-based website for Laundry, with video. Laundry is a small group of veteran West Midlands ‘public art’ artists, an organisation which has been around since summer 06 (Mechanicalism event PDF here). Laundry includes Brendan Jackson and Pamela Wells, former Jubilee Arts heavyweights, among others. They report…

“Bev and Brendan are developing a new project with the Borderland Foundation for 2008/09. The project will consist of three creative laboratories, (Birmingham in England, Bela Rechka in Bulgaria, Sejny in Poland) and two wondering/traveling workshops – Hania in Crete and Baku in Azerbaijan or Tbilisi in Georgia. Fundraising is in progress…”


[ ‘fess up tag: I’ve worked with Brendan on several paid commissions. ]