More beta BitPass:
Five major & non-cosmetic problems I’ve so far encountered with setting up the beta version of BitPass: 1) your web-space provider must allow you to run scripts and have a recent version of PHP properly installed & fully available (one of my servers did, the other didn’t); 2) your web-space must allow you to make a hidden /premium/ directory above the root (neither of my servers allows this unusual procedure); 3) if the /premium/ directory has to be created as a normal sub-directory, then you need to protect it using a .htaccess file. Using .htaccess to force a “password & username” access causes a major extra hurdle for purchasers, and peversely opens your content up to piracy – since you need to make potential purchasers aware of the “password & username” before they pay for the content; 4) if you want to avoid this “password & username” trap, then your server must support the Apache mod_access module. If it does, then you can restrict access to /premium/ content only to traffic from and (but neither of my servers allows access to the mod_access module); and finally, 5) you need to ensure that your web-space provider allows you to host file types such as .mp3 and .zip (one server does, the other doesn’t).