Opening at Birmingham University’s free Barber Institute of Fine Arts gallery, tomorrow; the exhibition Behind Closed Doors: Birmingham’s Private Collections

“What hangs on the walls in the homes of Birmingham’s private art collectors? This intriguing exhibition provides a snapshot of the nature and status of collecting in the city today. Over the past two years the organizers of this show have visited in excess of one hundred private art collections within the Birmingham postal district … The works range in date over more than 500 years, and include acknowledged masters such as Dürer, Van Dyck, Turner and Picasso, alongside contemporary and living artists such as David Hockney, Paula Rego and Cornelia Parker … this exhibition is the first to consider seriously a strong and well-established tradition of private collecting in the city that stretches back more than 200 years.”

Accompanying the show will be three public lectures, including “Birmingham Collectors” on 6th Feb 08.

The Gallery is also dipping its toe in the nu-real, with Birmingham artist Ruth Claxton‘s show Interventions (from 2nd April 08)…


In related news, there’s to be a ‘Contemporary Collecting’ seminar at the Museum in Docklands, London, on 28th January 08…

“The Urban Social History Contemporary Collecting subject specialist network (SSN) is organising a one day seminar to explore and debate issues and challenges around contemporary collecting.”