The latest arts cut casualty, revealed in the Post, the Orchestra of the Swan…

‘The Arts Council has cited an “Orchestral Strategy” which does not formally exist as justification for withdrawing its funding to a West Midlands chamber orchestra. Orchestra of the Swan (OOTS), which is Stratford-upon-Avon-based and faces losing its £30,000 annual grant [Ed: it’s actually £32,465], is one of 194 organisations which could have their funding reduced or removed altogether … in one of the most draconian rounds of cuts in the Arts Council’s history.’

‘…when The Birmingham Post asked the Arts Council how it could obtain a copy of the strategy, a spokeswoman replied in a written statement: “The orchestral strategy is not a formal written document but a set of national strategic approaches to support the development of the orchestral sector, led by the Arts Council’s Director of Music Strategy.’

In other words, the strategy is whatever London’s Hilary Boulding says it is.