Sometimes cheap is best:
I bought a £1.99 metal Proteam footpump for my bicycle tyres; the box was a little “bankrupt stock” dusty, but the pump’s robust and works a treat. I bought 10 x Imation cased CD-R’s for £4.99; they work flawlessly after Sony’s expensive coloured ones stuttered and failed (all except the blue ones, strangely). I bought Brian Eno’s Before and After Science on CD for £3.99; superb. And for £3.75 I could have had – if I didn’t already have it – the full version of NetObjects Fusion 4.0, which is free on the CD with September’s Personal Computer World magazine. NetObjects v4.0 came with a copy of Allaire’s HomeSite 4.0 HMTL editor (since purchased at v5.0 by Macromedia and bundled with Dreamweaver; it’s that good). If the PCW NOF is the final retail version with HomeSite then the mag’s even better value; HomeSite is what I still use to code pages and sites with.