Well; I never thought I’d say this, but my new carry-everywhere pocket digicam is a mobile phone. Fuji’s pocket camera s have died on me one time too many, and so I’ve been swayed by a Sony Ericsson K800i hybrid phone- camera -mp3 player. It’s basically a phone that, when flipped over, becomes a Sony Cyber-shot camera without the extending zoom-lens of a standard digicam. Yep; that’s the same extending zoom-lens that’s just broken on my old Fuji.

Judging from my first hour with it, it’s also a nice phone both in feel and looks. It’s also apparently a good camera ; Spicygadget’s review reckon’s he’s…

“thoroughly impressed with camera ‘s performance, it really does deserve the stamp of Sony Cyber-Shot. Most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a photo taken with this phone and another taken by an average compact digital camera .”

It does macro (close-ups), which is most important for my “visual note-taking”. And all for a mere £89 (Phones 4U, the Bull Ring in Bham), saving me from having to spend £199 on a new pocket digicam. Yes the possible replacement, the Fuji FinePix F31fd, was said to be lovely; but it’s apparently so adored (best pocket digicam ever made) that it’s difficult to get. I tried out the replacement Fuji FinePix f50fd model in Jessops, but I really didn’t like that camera ‘s humdrum styling.

(Update: the supplied software, the ‘Sony Ericsson PC Suite’ for Vista, is dogware on Windows Vista… it simply doesn’t install working USB cable drivers, and nothing on earth seems to be able to update them so that they do work…


and 100s of other buyers seem to have the same problem.

(Update: it’s being returned to the shop for a refund. Poor image-quality, and no PC USB cable drivers that actually work. Sigh; now I’ll have to eBay the leather case and 1Gb memory-card I bought for it.) I’ve ordered a Fuji FinePix F40fd from Amazon.