Wesley Yin-Poole reports from the Birmingham launch of Unreal Tournament 3 in the UK. Nice that they launched one of the year’s biggest FPS games in the second city, although it’s a pity the UK got it last. Germany had it on the 12th, for instance. Australia on the 15th. The game was released nationwide in the UK yesterday, and Amazon is already “out of stock”.

I think I’ll resist buying it until after Xmas, though; by then the price will have dropped and second-hand copies will be around, good mods and patches will have appeared, and new DX10 nVidia cards will be available. And then I’ll just be forced – ‘forced I tell you!’ – to play it, as I’ll be heading into teaching a module on videogames.

There are so many good fan-maps for the older version UT2004, that UT2004 is perhaps even a case-study of a game with such a great feel that mods and total conversions can make it so long-term playable that some buyers will even delay buying the next installment because they haven’t exhausted the previous one after three years. Or perhaps not; since “out of stock at Amazon” suggests I may be in the minority here.