I was thinking about the possible ‘Google Life’ applications of the more advanced timelines I recent blogged about. Assume we’re a few years in the future, and Google has cracked automated voice-recognition and transcription, and thus indexes radio, TV news, your telephone conversations, podcasts, all your social network stuff such as your blog feeds & twitters & Facebooking, plus your webcam conversations, and other audio such as samples of background noise levels.

So, you sign up for a ‘Google Life’ timeline, and plug into it the feed from your location-aware mobile phone, your food and shopping purchases, transcripts of your emails and phone calls, your film/TV and radio listening, your magazine and ebook reading, your Google searches. Add in a daily bundle of the files created on your laptop and desktop or online apps, and that day’s webcam video and digicam files. Augment all that with your blog feed, a “my mood / my stress” button (although mood can now be automatically detected from voice tone and speed while on the phone), the day’s weather at your phone’s location, and perhaps readings from personal electronic health monitors. Elegantly string all this data along a searchable timeline, allow the user to annotate the timeline, and provide an “analytics” function to extract personal trends and ‘stress flows’; daily, quarterly, or in the form of a Lulu-printed “personal annual report”.