My personal choice of Ten Really Useful Bits of Technology that may change your life (or that of your cat) in 2008…

1. Personal mobile phone jammershere now, works perfectly in the UK. Size of a packet of ciggies, and probably based on a Chinese interpretation of the Wavebubble.

2. Small lightweight £220 laptops – end of 2007 in the UK. Linux for now, a special Windows version may be on the horizon.

3. Windows Vista service pack 1 – currently in beta, out in early 2008, yours for a teeny-weeny 900mb download. Are Microsoft going to offer it as a torrent?

4. Electric bicycles – here now, at a price.

5. Desktop book ripper – available now, a proper book scanner that does print-to-PDF for £900. A worthy investment for scholars with specialist personal libraries that they want to make searchable. You can then read them on your new Kindle ebook reader; Amazon’s own ebook hardware.

6. Catcams – tiny webcams on cat collars, feeding live to the web – it’s here in prototype, although you can also buy one. ‘Let a thousand moggies roam’; possibly inventing a new photographic aesthetic along the way.

7. Clearspace – location-aware phone tracking shows where other people are not, and then plots a satnav path that helps your walk avoid as many mobile phone users as possible – maybe 2008? Let’s hope.

8. Inline British-dictionary spellchecking for IE7 – it’s here.

9. Electroluminescent yarn cycling jacketsin development.

10. Free city-wide wi-fi – somewhere over the rainbow…