The Nerd Handbook including Advanced Nerd Tweakage. Not sure about the intense TV channel-surfing (didn’t most real nerds give up TV years ago?), I think perhaps there’s some confusion with North American fan-boyism there. Large parts of the Handbook ring true, but some parts seem like he’s describing people who are too close to his home. He also seems to be steering us away from the reality that the nerd typology is made up of points spread across a spectrum of geek/nerd-iness. Many of the exterior signs may be the same, but what’s going on on the inside can have a great deal of variation.

And speaking of nerds I seem to have been having an accidental personal ‘nerds in cinema’ fest recently: Die Hard 4.0, Meet The Robinsons and Core all happened to be seen in the last week, but without my flagging up in advance that each is centred on stereotypical nerds.