Creative Advantage:
The West Midlands Creative Advantage Fund has a new name – Advantage Creative Fund -, a luvverly new web-site, and a new tranche of £5-million for commercial loans to creative industries firms in the West Midlands. They had a tasty launch party at CODE a few days ago, which friends Nigel & Sabine say was fab. The Fund’s doing roadshows in the Autumn, and have asked Creative Stoke if we’d like to organise something up in North Staffordshire.

Words! Key!
Keyword search of 360,000 live weblogs.

A lesson in interactivity:
The new Artist’s Newletter site is very pretty, up-to-date, and informative. But after the first visit & tour I don’t feel much need to go back. I used to visit their site often. What’s changed? There’s no community noticeboard any more, no direct contact with peers.