The Genius of Photography is a welcome new BBC4 TV documentary series about the history of photography. The first programme aired on Thursday, but I understand it’s to be repeated on Monday 29th at 8pm. It’s also available in /cough/ MP4 format, if you know where to look. The comments from bloggers are glowing, and I’m looking forward to seeing the first part.

Update: I just finished watching the first episode. It’s very well made, is presented in a way that doesn’t insult the intelligence, and has well-chosen contributions from many notable scholars and dealers, along with the occasional appearance of one or two living photographers. And the range of pictures is also excellent; although one might not know what an interesting photographer Lartigue was, if one only saw the few examples that introduce his segment of the programme. Luckily we started to see pictures with more visual impact a few minutes later. However, that’s a very minor niggle about what is a very welcome slice of quality documentary TV.