Cheese and whine:
Sad to say; I recently missed my own opening night. Ok, it was only as part of a three-man show at a local art gallery, but a large number of my pics were at least on the wall. The curator had told me vaguely when the opening was likely to be, so I was waiting until she e-mailed me the exact date. She didn’t, so I missed it. Usually I’ll go anywhere there’s a chance of getting free food and perhaps meeting a future girlfriend. Oh well, you’ll have to make do with the web. Depending on your monitor’s calibration, the colour & luminance is better here.

“A weekend in Llandudno, please”:
The English seaside town; doing very nicely thank you, contrary to the picture painted by 90s press stories about Dole-on-Sea. And doing even better, I’ll bet, once the creatives of the baby boomer generation start retiring, looking for the new St. Ives.