The first D’log BrainClip page is online. It simply gives a quick overview of some ongoing D’log topics over the last 18 months, and offers links to selected postings.

Typographer designed travel inventory:
Idea: why do print-outs of travel inventories have to look like DOS code? When you finalise a customised travel plan via an online travel database (rail or plane etc), it would be nice if the software could then slot the decided route into a self-adjusting PDF template. And how much better if that template had been designed by an artist/typographer? Print it out, to show all your times, connections & places in a usable and elegant colour-coded flow of information on an A4 page. Alternatively, for those who want something more minimalist, you could have just the basics sent to your mobile phone as a text message.

There are a few advantages of being a creaky old thirty-something; my hayfever appears to have mostly gone. On the windiest day of June, at the height of the grass pollen season; no reaction apart from a very slight itchiness/watering of the eyes. I’ve cancelled my annual purchase of a lorry-load of super-strength kitchen towels.