Motorway monotone:
The Observer, on the dead sense of the English landscape induced by motorway travel. It’s a very different perspective by train and/or bicycle.

Brain Clip v2:
Last week I had the idea of coding a page which would list D’log’s themes (creative industries, Midlands, artists, housing & renegeration, photography, me) and some key postings on them. Then I thought…. what a lot of work; why can’t a blog’s code auto-sense keywords when I type an entry, and suggest a category for the posting to be filed in? D’log uses Greymatter, so I checked Noah’s mods page, and found this halfway house PHP mod. Not a great deal of use, so it looks like I’ll have to trawl back and hand-code the page, if I want to make the D’log archives more accessible than via a search-box. Or maybe I should just port D’log from Greymatter to Moveable Type.