Those young professional graduates that so many regeneration hopes are pinned on, the one’s who’ll bring lots of disposable cash to the cafes and shops nestling below their new city & town-centre apartments? They don’t have disposable cash; they’ve crippled themselves to scrape a deposit together for the flat, and have to service huge student loans and other debts. Among the young, it’s the skilled manual workers who have the large disposable incomes now. Say hello to the Geezers.

Fit Geezers:
See where the Geezers fit into culture & regeneration issues at the Youth Culture, Nightlife & Urban Change site. Scroll down for free heavyweight reports on three English cities.

Weasels of Mass Distraction:
Mark Steyn, the Telegraph‘s very own rhetoric-tipped Scud missile, on why the London intelligentsia are gripped by Sars (Sudden Alternative Reality Syndrome).

Blog for business:
The Big Blog Company wants to make blogs into useful tools for business. If blogs can replace even one installation of Lotus Notes, then I’m all for it.