SitPhot writes to tell me of Super ©, mature freeware that (so I’m told) really does convert from-and-to every type of audio and video file / codec.

And while we’re talking of freeware, let me recommend a few I’ve used for a while and wouldn’t be without:

Finding stuff:

AMP Font Viewer
     View and install/manage fonts on your system.

Copernic Desktop Search
    Index and search all your text, PDF and html files. A fat system hog, so let it run once, then off turn all its processes and only launch it when you need it.

     Google’s wonderful free image file manager and image viewer.


OE Quotefix
    Forces Outlook Express to behave properly when you hit “reply” to reply to an e-mail.

Text Cleaner
     Easily reformat and reflow Notepad text.

Video and audio:

Media Player Classic
     Also get the Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative modules.

     Digital radio software for my PCI-card DAB receiver.


Open Office 2.2
     Complete office suite that reads/writes all the Microsoft Office formats. Get the add-on grammar-checking tool too.


     Speed-test games, capture video from gameplay, and also capture video from inside a variety of applications, inc. Google Earth.

Elwell’s Broadband Speed Test
    Are you really getting the 8mb/s that you’re paying so much for?


Google Earth
    The whole earth to play with. ‘Nuff said.

AdAware Personal
     Anti-spyware scanner. Probably best used in combination with one or two other security apps.

     easily blend multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

     A reader for comic books in the .CBR format.

     Free hosted weblog, or free blogging software to host your own; the choice is yours.

     Free RSS news aggregator and reader.

    BitTorrent downloader/uploader.

Dream Aquarium
    The best (yes, I tried them all) and most realistic virtual aquarium. Nice freeware/demo version, but the full version is well worth your $19.95.