Creativity works:
Spiked reviews John Tusa’s new book of interviews with artists and poets, talking with them about the creative process. It’s all done with smoke & mirrors, and it always will be.

New photos:

(large version, 70kb)

(large version, 120kb)

Not so super bike:
My ‘super bike’ is in the local repair shop, the back-axle bar having snapped. It’s back on Tuesday. Thankfully I have three bike shops to choose from, all within a mile of my new house.

Super afternoon:
Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon photographing a lovely girl at the fantastic Bidduph Grange gardens in North Staffordshire. The web-site I saw before going doesn’t do the gardens justice (we never had time to tour the house), as it makes them look like they’re quite small. They’re not, they’re enormous. We took three hours and still completely missed some sections like the Lime Avenue, the Arboretum, and the tennis-lawn ‘heath’. Then back home, for the AGM of a local community group, of which I was elected as the new Secretary. Then, at 9am today, the roofer finally turned up to overhaul my roof. What with paying for the roof, and the bike-axle, there goes half of what I earned recently from Jubilee Arts; but hopefully it’ll all stave off future bills.

This is my 250th posting!