Super Bike:
I got new brake pads for the bike, after nearly very running into a dog this afternoon. A very big & very dim darting-this-way-that-way dog. Thankfully he wasn’t a biter or a chaser. The brake-pads are twice as long as normal pads, and claim super-effectiveness in wet weather. Twice as expensive too, at twelve pounds for four. But now I’ve fitted them I can stop on a sixpence. The old ones were just that bit too worn out to just adjust. The Winter’s accumulated mud is off the bike, and the WD40 in on. Super bike! Very much so; as bloody European bureaucrats are meddling with regulations again. All electric-powered bicycles sold in the UK after June must be crippled; the pedals must be turning at all times to keep the motor running. Bikes sold before that date will continue to be legal, thankfully.