Day Of The Figurines sounds like an episode of Dr. Who, and given the setting you wouldn’t be far wrong. It’s a mobile phone-based city-wide wide-game, to be part of Birmingham’s Fierce Festival during May/June 07. “Set in a fictional town that is littered, dark and underpinned with steady decay”, it’s previously been to Berlin and Barcelona, and first visited the British Isles at Brighton. Adactio has some photos from the Brighton Figurines game, which sadly imply that the game probably doesn’t involve much running around the streets in game costumes. Shame. The game-event has been developed and tested by Blast Theory, on behalf of the “City as Theatre” strand (.pdf, 2.5mb) of the iPoPG (Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming). A division of Torchwood, no doubt 😉

[ Hat-tip: Henry Jenkins & Phil Slade ]

And talking of pervasive/hyperlocal computing and its applications, the field’s major international conference is to be held in the sparkling metropolis of, erm… Perry Barr, Birmingham, in July 07. It abutts rather nicely with a large Dr. Who fan convention the week before. Sonic screwdriver-like devices will be welcome at both events, I’d imagine.