Future imperfect:
For a second year, the Guardian has a slightly less-than-enthusiastic opinion on the Becks Futures show.

Protect your brain:
Have you seen those posters which warn of the dire dangers of not wearing a cycle helmet? Very annoying, especially when you know that… “the largest survey of cycling casualties ever undertaken concluded that helmets did not prevent injury; indeed, increased use correlated with increased risk of death.” Yes; increased risk of death when wearing a helmet. Says who? The British Medical Journal, no less. How ever did kids survive before this kind of paranoid propaganda? Pretty well, actually. We played with matches, fell out of trees & swung from dodgy old ropes, drank rainwater, wore no seat belts, played out all day, wore no cycle helmets, talked to strangers, fell into garden ponds, walked miles to school, had low-tech media that wasn’t packed with political correctness, messed around with chemistry sets, put salt on our food, carried pen-knives; and had a very good time indeed.

The blogniscenti:
The 100 most important/influential weblogs, in real-time ranking. Sadly, D’log not yet among them.