Beethoven’s Fidelio pictures:
I went to Birmingham to photograph & record the dress-rehersal of Beethoven’s Fidelio for artsnet. The opera’s being staged by the Birmingham Opera Company, in a giant circus tent at Aston Hall. No flash-photography was allowed, the lighting was often low, and many times I wished I’d had a telephoto lens; but I managed to take a few half-decent photos with the aid of some post tweaking in Photoshop 6. To honour the occasion I’d bought a new 64Mb smartmedia card for my camera . They’ve now the ridiculously low price of £30 and the quality has increased so much they have a 5-year guarantee.

Some technical info, of use to Fuji digital- camera owners: I had to download a free Flashpath driver upgrade from the Fujifilm web-site, so my FD-A2 floppy adapter could detect a 64Mb card; but it all works fine. I find that a fully-charged NP-A battery will fill up a 64Mb, a 16Mb and an 8Mb smartmedia card with a total of around 100 images (taken at maximum quality settings) before dying. That’s in a Fuji MX-2700 camera , with only two flash uses and with mimimal use of the display-screen. So I’m glad I didn’t buy a 128Mb card; because to fill it I’d have needed a second battery too.

(large version, 60kb)

(large version, 77kb)

(large version, 48kb)